My diary

Before i fall too fast
kiss me quick but make it last
so i can see how badly this will hurt me
when you say goodbye

keep it sweet, keep it slow . . .
Let the future pass and dont let go
but tonight i could fall to sleep
to this beautiful moonlight

but your so hypnotising
you’ve got me laughing while i’m sing
you’ve got me smiling in my sleep

and i can say this is unravling
your love is where i’m falling
so please dont catch me . . .

See this heart, wont settle down
like a child running scared from a clown
i’m terrified of what you’ll do
my stomach scream
just when i look at you

went far away, so i can breath
Even though you’re far from
sufficating me . . .
I can’t set my hopes too high cause
every hello end with a say goodbye

[back to chorus]

so now you see why i’m scared
i can’t open up my heart without a care
so here i go … it’s what i feel
for the first time in my life i know it’s real

[back to chorus]

if this is love please dont break me
i’m giving up so just catch me

singer: Demi Lovato
album: Here We Go Again


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