What’s this meaning ?

Life never ending like a fairy tale , romance . i think all its just a dream

no societe , no in the crowd , nothing fun activities .
I’m confuse how to write this with true words .
The way i write like i’m so pressurin’
i must dont write like this , cuz what bad feelin’ i feel ?
I’m 15 years old , i’m a teenage , impossible if i feel like that

anyway i’m not a good girl . I’m bad , every1 will be hate me b’cuz they think i’m like that , yea its often happen
i’m ok , cuz i think they arent really know me . So whatever they say about me then left me .
I’m ok even though i’m lonely .

Forget it ! This is just a story that i want to write . B’cuz i have no good topic to tell . I’m not a good writter . I wrote from my heart and what i’m thinking now . My language isnt good too 😀 .

Just show how ur feel .
Always dream then reach it . Just show how ur skill .
Always dream then reach !

🙂 😀


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