My Diary

Errr ! GrRR !! ArRGH !!!

Np hrs kyk gni truz . Arrgh !!! So many problem . My trip is over , meteor ga da (gd liat jg) , plsa biz truz download truz . E . . Game nya ga dpt pula . I hate this moment ! 😐

q pingin main game keren kyk di PS AND PC . . .

Oy trnyta ada cow yg naksir dan umurnya lebih muda itu ga enak bgt ya . . . I hate him so ! Grrr
tingkah kyk anak2 , suka ikut2 an , i’m sorry but you must to know what i feel about u if u read this .
U still a kid even aint a teenage , u can’t be my guy , u r too coward for me . I need a gentleman not a rudeman , i need a brave/dare man not a coward , i need a kind man not a jerk , i need a man not a BOY !!!

That’s not purpose had me “i want only a man so older than me” . No ! Its wrong !!
Do not like that !!!
I need an attitude or behavior which can understanding me , older in the attitude or behavior not in the old , and i dont like younger than me . Dont u know ?
I hope we can be friends not another statue .

Once i say , please dont follow anything that i do . We can reach anything we want , its our perseption ,
but dont stole my idea like ur sister did , sorry i dont really want to accused … But its what that i feel from first time i met till now …
I dont really like if one of my friends , keep following me with the way i’m thinking like stealing , its really suck . 😐 😦

i really wanna make so many friendship but no one ever wants to be like that . If they friend in me , they just used me to help their trouble and after that they leave me . Even i can’t do as same things they did .

Urrgh . . 😐 arrgh 😐
😦 .

But . . . I can’t hate u guys , really , actually i love u guys , u r my friends.
But someday i want to make a best friendship than now 🙂


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