my diary

WTH ? its annoying ……
the server is really stuck !!!
i even cant openned my fb , but at least ….
i can open my blog ! 😀

this is a bad day … i never found this in a day and in a row

do u know why ???
i’ll tell u ,

when i woke up this mornig , i feel a nice day will be happened today . ’cause the air was so fresh did not such as yesterday , polution everywhere and it will made me couldn’t breath .

after that , i was arrived in my school . i met my friend who before that he was got problem with me . actually if i’m not being arrogant , maybe i can like him . even though he is weird 😛

yeah … maybe its just my feeling about him . and my feeling will brought me to a nightmare !!!

if i’m right , he’ll try harder to get me . but before , i wanna apologize with him tonight . i hope he’ll forgive me , acccept me and especially he do not try to be arrogant with me

if he really try to be like that , trust me , i do not wanna know him in entire my life !!!


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